The city of Antalya located at the coast of Eastern Mediterranean on the north shores of the Anatolia.

. The name of Antalya came from the city "Attalea" which was establish by Bergama (Pergamum) king Attalos Fladelfs il in 158BC. Antalya has a great history from prehistoric periods until now with it's remarkable number of archaeological settlements There are many discovered and undiscovered shipwrecks and submerged settlements in Antalya. Underwater and coastal archaeological studies of the region show that this coastline has also a great sea trade history between the cities of the region, between the region and other cultures. Archaeological underwater surveys on the shores of Antalya Province are in progress since 2000. Similar to the surveys performed in other provinces in the Mediterranean coasts, we used sonar scanning, ROV and aerial photography with marine drone in addition to traditional underwater survey methods and a total of 211 ancient shipwrecks, and various archaeological remains were discovered. The extensive surveys are conducted in Gazipaşa, Side, Alanya, , Finike, Demre, Kaş, Adrasan, Kemer, Antalya Kaleiçi and Falezler region. The findings prove presence of extensive maritime activity in Lycia, Pamphilia and the mountainous Cilicia regions from the Bronze Age to the Otoman Period. Additionally it has qualities such as artefacts from almost every period, for instance amphoras and anchors that are important for underwater archaeology, and that justify protection and inheritance for the next generations. Our surveys on the shores Antalya will continue in following years.

(One of the shipwrecks on the Antalya coast.)